Terms and Conditions

  1. All advertised course fees include GST (Goods and Services Tax).
  2. All course fees are payable by credit or debit card online through our website in advance, with exceptions subject to prior negotiation with management.
  3. Some course fees may, subject to management discretion, be paid over two or three instalments by mutually agreed due dates, with all such payments including a small administrative surcharge.
  4. Course fees are refunded if a course is cancelled by the German Academy (GA) - either in full in case of an entire course being cancelled before it has started, or for the proportion of a course not delivered due to partial cancellation. Should a course need to be cancelled, the GA does not accept responsibility for course book purchases made by students for the respective program.
  5. Course fees may be refunded (in full or part) by negotiation in cases of compassionate or other very exceptional circumstances.
  6. Discounts on full course fees for certified full-time students or pensioner concession card holders may be available at the GA's discretion upon request.
  7. Partial enrolment in all GA courses is subject to prior negotiation with management and availability, with priority given to full enrolments.
  8. To ensure best possible learning outcomes, the GA strictly limits the class sizes of its courses. The GA may therefore not be able to accept all students into a course who expressed their interest. In such cases, the GA follows the policy of giving priority order to those students who enrolled and paid before others.
  9. If one or more course sessions need to be cancelled for any reason, the GA will offer the equivalent amount of replacement sessions at another suitable time, thereby possibly amending a course’s advertised duration and/or format.
  10. Whilst the GA makes every effort to ensure the advertised teacher's (and, if applicable, course location's) availability for the full duration of a course, the GA reserves the right to replace a teacher (or a course location) by a suitable alternative and to also change the delivery mode, if necessary, at any time.
  11. Being an adult education provider, the GA generally only accepts students aged 18 or above. Exceptions may be made in particular circumstances at the GA’s discretion.