About Us


Aiming to fill Adelaide’s need for a specialist German Language Institute for adult learners, the German Academy was established in late 2016, striving to provide high quality, professional and enjoyable German language classes for adult students – from beginners to advanced levels.

With the end of our 2021 German Language Programs and thereby the end of our fifth year slowly but surely coming into sight (please see Testimonials for students' feedback), we are pleased to release our 2022 Course Schedule - with more still to come along the way...

The combination of small class sizes, carefully selected workspaces and highly qualified and experienced teaching staff is designed to ensure a pleasant and effective language learning experience.



Frauke Guenther

MA (equiv., University of Göttingen, Germany: German and English Linguistics & Literature, Pedagogy, Pedagogical Psychology);
Goethe-Institut certified Examiner (Goethe-Zertifikat A1-C2) - 'Prüfungsverantwortliche' (Chief Examiner) for South Australia

A native speaker, Frauke brings to the German Academy her experience in lecturing in German Studies (School of Humanities) at Adelaide University as well as in PACE's (Professional & Continuing Education’s) German Language Program – also at the University of Adelaide. Prior to that, she taught at the Goethe Institutes Sydney and Melbourne, and has worked at the University of Potsdam, Germany.

For many years by now, Frauke has also been assisting the SACE Board (South Australian Certificate of Education) in a number of roles involving her German language expertise.

Marie Hankel

After completing her Teaching Degree in Bavaria, Germany (MA equiv., majoring in German and Geography), Marie worked as a teacher for German, Social & Economic Studies at a local vocational school, where over the course of five years she made her first experiences in teaching German not only as a first but also as a second language.

Following a stay in Kenya teaching German as part of an aid project, Marie migrated to Australia where she has taught at the German Saturday School in Naremburn, Sydney, and lectured in German Studies at Adelaide University’s School of Humanities - thereby working across various ages and levels of the German language.

Marie brings to the Academy her passion for teaching along with her excellent native German language skills and cultural knowledge.

Vanessa Kreusch

MA (Potsdam University, Germany: Foreign Language Linguistics for German & English as a Second Language)

In 2020, Vanessa came from her native Germany to assist and teach at the German Department at the University of Adelaide. Having thus found refuge in Adelaide during the pandemic, she is now in the midst of applying for a PhD position in Linguistics and Language Teaching here in South Australia.

With over 5 years of experience at private language institutes and schools across Berlin and her ongoing involvement at the German Department at the University of Adelaide, Vanessa has taught adults and children of various backgrounds and ages from beginners to advanced levels. She has a keen interest in language acquisition, is deeply committed to teaching German language and culture including lots of conversational practice - and loves the challenge of making complex grammar accessible to all learners.

Hedwig Lindner

MA (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany)

Being a native speaker, Hedwig contributes to the Academy more than a decade of experience in teaching German as a foreign language at the Goethe Institute Sydney, the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the University of Adelaide as well as at WEA both in Sydney & Adelaide.

Her deep passion for language teaching and the immersion in different cultures stems from having learned various languages herself (at native level as well as later on) and her fascination with the manifold ways of language acquisition across a broad spectrum of students. Hedwig has taught German at multiple levels from beginners to advanced, as well as in specialised classes for individual learners.

Iris Milewski

After her studies of Linguistics & Latin American Studies as well as German as a Second Language at Berlin’s Free University & Humboldt University, Germany, Iris undertook an internship with the Goethe Institut in Indonesia and subsequently taught German at Connecticut College, USA, as well as various language institutions in Germany and Australia.

Her own love for learning various languages as part of her university studies led to a lasting passion for teaching her native German to students of numerous ages and backgrounds, from beginners to advanced levels, and in classroom, group and individual settings alike.

For more than 20 years by now, and counting, Iris has loved to motivate her students to converse in German - and to show them the fun side of the language.