German Beginners Plus 2024

German Beginners Plus 2024

This course offering is aimed at no-longer-absolute beginners with SOME prior knowledge of German. Whilst designed as a seamless continuation from our 'German Absolute Beginners' class, this program is also very much open to and welcoming new students seeking to continue learning German and to consolidate existing language skills at any time.

Whilst initially still completing the last couple of chapters of the popular and effective "Netzwerk neu A1.1" course & work book before moving up to the next book and sublevel A1.2 approximately mid-term, the students will continue to build up their German skills in speaking and writing as well as their German listening and reading comprehension in a relaxed, friendly and fun classroom atmosphere.

Please note that students enrolling in this program should already be able to hold some basic introductory conversations about places of residence, countries of origin, hobbies, directions, food and drink preferences etc and have come across some general aspects of German sentence structure, regular and irregular verb conjugation, singular and plural, as well as a systematic introduction to the Nominative and Accusative Case - with the teacher certainly always trying to ensure that all of the concepts expected to have been covered beforehand will be revised, practised and understood again whenever needed, before moving on to the next topic at any time.

Please note that this course is scheduled to be seamlessly continued as our ‘German Beginners Plus-Plus 2025' program during the first half of next year (still on Thursday evenings, naturally), to assist interested students in continuing their German learning journey towards the equivalent of the completion of level A1 by mid 2025.

Come and join us and other no-longer-absolute beginners students on Thursday nights!

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