Advanced Beginners Plus-Plus 2023

Advanced Beginners Plus-Plus 2023

This upper A2 (Part III of III) level course offering is designed to continue to systematically build up your German skills in speaking and writing as well as your German listening and reading comprehension in a relaxed, friendly and fun classroom atmosphere. With language skills equivalent to the completion of level A1 (CEFRL) and quite a bit beyond under their belt, students in this class are expected to now cover the last third of their upper beginners level journey towards the equivalent of the completion of A2 by the end of the year.

Whilst designed as a seamless continuation from our 'German Advanced Beginners Plus' (level A2, Part II of III) class, this program is also very much open to and welcoming new students seeking to continue learning German and to consolidate existing language skills at any time.

Please note that this 18-week course offering is scheduled to be seamlessly continued as a B1 and thereby intermediate level program (still on Monday evenings, naturally) in 2024, to assist interested students in taking their German learning further beyond the beginners level...

Come and join us and other upper advanced beginners level students on Monday nights!

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