German on Saturdays 2023

German on Saturdays 2023

This ongoing and progressive B2.2 level program is aimed at students with intermediate German language skills equivalent to the completion of level B2.1 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) or above. Students in this popular program are expected to continue working towards the completion of the equivalent of level B2 for all of 2023.

Being a mix of carefully selected conversational practice, reading and writing exercises, grammar as well as Landeskunde (cultural studies), this course is designed to give students the opportunity to enhance their German language and cultural skills in a fun and relaxed classroom atmosphere.

Currently scheduled for Sunday morning, July 9, as Semester 1's cultural event and finale, this program is also set to include a German Heritage Art Gallery Tour with professional German-Australian Genealogist & Historian Ben Hollister, which is set to explore the various works and artefacts displayed in South Australia's Art Gallery by German speaking as well as German heritage artists and craftsmen.

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