German TV & Film Workshop 2022

German TV & Film Workshop 2022

Being a mix of conversational practice, listening, reading and writing exercises as well as Landeskunde (cultural studies) around the vast and fascinating topic of 'GERMAN TV & FILM', this program is designed to give students an additional opportunity to further enhance their German language and cultural skills in a fun and relaxed classroom atmosphere.

Apart from introducing students to carefully selected samples of German language film, this program is also set to include news & current affairs, classic German children’s programs and Krimis (crime series), advertisements as well as a highly popular German TV quiz show.

This Level B1/B2+ short course offering over four weeks and sessions is aimed at students with intermediate German language skills equivalent to the completion of level A2 and/or B1 (CEFRL) or beyond, amounting to a minimum of approximately 4 years of guided language study.

Come and join us for four very special Tuesday nights from May 10!

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